Selasa, Jun 07, 2011

visualizing is very important! ingat tu...

i did a sketch of how i want my 'new' shawl to be like. n it's a mix of hoodie-thing and also it's very silky. i was skeptical at first on the execution as this is my first time doing it. u know, when u decide to make a shawl out of silky satin thing, u have to prepare the risk of getting frustrated from the effort of putting it on ur head, neatly.

so, i take that challenge and few trials were so predictable (as i have chosen pieces of not-so-good satin...=.=' silly me). they were very difficult to drape, to wrap even more difficult that i could imagine in the first place. they were not nicely fall,n u have bulky buffalo all over ur neck.euww...

it was frustrating indeed, but my mind keep racing on the next solution. hihi. so, i went to nagoya again, n found a very soft, light n beautiful piece of satin. this time, i was definitely a 100% sure that this is the perfect one for me.
 the same process went all over again. owh, i did not sew them by myself, lol, i don't have sewing machine. so, i asked my friend to sew them. and her work, is remarkably amazing. :)

well, i just received it yesterday, n did try a few styles n guess what? I LOVE IT!
so, check it out!
note : ignore my pale face..booo...
so, what do u think? lemme know! :)


Isnin, Jun 06, 2011

sweet sugar

kamu sungguh manis seperti sugar. :)
walaupun sedang statik nak tangkap cicak, kamu tetap sugar di hati mummy. muah2 untuk kamu.