Selasa, Disember 16, 2008

si monyet dan bosnya (good for boss' reading, ;p)

mari kita kelaskan:
1) bos2 yang selalu sibuk menyiapkan tugasan org bawahan - dan menganggap ianya sebagai bantuan sebagai--the one minute manager
2) pekerja2 yang olwes depend on the boss to help them for their works sebagai--monkeys with their monkeys.

wee...let me eksplen, hehe...

one minute manager ialah bos yg selalu ketiadaan masa untuk menyiapkan kerjanya kerana sibuk menyiapkan kerja2 yg diberi kepada pekerja bawahan--which he end up settling it himself.

while, the monkeys ialah (please noted, NO OFFENSE) pekerja2 yang bergantung harap kepada manager tadi utk melakukan kerja yg diberi kepada mereka. bukan malas nak buat, tapi they have been guided wrongly.

jadi...kepada bos2 yg budiman, stop taking all the monkeys from ur monkeys..
here's the rules:

the dialogue between a boss and one of his or her people must not end until all monkeys have..:
Rule 1: Descriptions - (the 'next moves' are specified)
Rule 2: Owners - (the monkey is assigned to a person)
Rule 3: Insurance Policies - (the risk is covered)
Rule 4: Monkey feeling and Checkup Appointments (the place and time for follow-up is specified)

hmm..get it so far? try the tips, u'll find u will have ur own time nanti!
p/s: not only u can apply these rules to ur career, but also other parts of ur life.em, maybe dengan ur anak2? he